The main business sector of Iosardi Group Srl is the construction of civil and industrial buildings.
Thanks to continuous research and careful selection of the best materials, we are able to provide guarantee and quality.


IOSARDI Group is a company that builds for years according to the fundamental concept of ENERGY SAVING.

Thanks to continuous research and careful selection of the best materials, we are able to supply a guaranteed and certified product. CONTAINING ENERGY CONSUMPTION is not a label, but a reality of primary importance in our work philosophy.

Wooden roofing

Wood is a natural element: only water, solar energy and carbon dioxide are needed to produce it. In this way, a renewable material is developed that has the necessary requisites to build comfortable living spaces. Versatility, ductility, lightness, heat resistance: there are many advantages offered by the use of wood.

With wood it is possible to create customized functional and aesthetic structures.

Complementary works

We take care of every aspect that is needed to best complete the buildings, collaborating for the choice of materials and applying the latest innovations in the technological field thanks to the support of the most renowned companies in the sector with which we have been operating for years.


We also deal with providing for installation of windows and doors for your local, residential home, office, commercial shop, etc., making every product a symbol of originality and quality.

Plasterboard, paintings and decorations

We carry out plasterboard works with the use of a very high ductility product that allows you to create flat partitions, curved walls, false walls, false ceilings and architectural games of all kinds and which can be perfectly integrated into any environment.

Installation and scaffolding hire

Specialized in the construction of scaffolding and guarantees the customer a complete service that includes not only assembly and disassembly, but also the supply and continuous assistance for the entire duration of the rental.

Some fundamental points in the realization of our works are for example the CONTAINMENT OF ENERGY CONSUMPTION which is not in fact a label but a reality of primary importance.

IOSARDI Group highlights its offer through the use of advanced solutions by creating, through the group’s partner companies, industrial and tertiary architecture buildings that stand out for the quality of the technical solutions adopted.
Among these, we realize simple and complex foundational works with the use of foundational piles, technological lines, fences, external yards, concrete, asphalt and self-blocking floors, slabs for cisterns and chimneys for furnaces, use of well-point systems, bases for weighing scales, ramps and loading-unloading platforms, covering walls with normal masonry or with the use of exposed blocks.