IOSARDI Group is a professional association born in Veneto in 2009 and created by a strong team of men that for decades have been working and mastering their jobs in construction for domestic and industrial companies, as well as in installations and electrical power system maintenance, solar power systems and advanced technology.

Our history is one of true passion and great successes

The Iosardi brothers wanted to combine their working experiences; experiences that they have already perfected during the 90’s in construction and plant engineering.

Having all the technical requirements needed to certify jobs correctly, we offer the guarantee of continuity and an evolution of professional hard work in the service with specialized skills, the design of solutions and of a collection of interventions until the implementation, from the inspection to the assistance.

We are a strategical financial company that works in the Ecological and Energy sector with the ability to carry out both company acquisitions, with solid and stable profits, and companies that are in the reconstruction phase, with the objective of re-launching it as a strategy for the company to grow.

With the aim of continuous growth both in terms of profit and turnover, these investments are supported by institutional investors or by using short term bond with adequate return. In some cases, for investors that are interested in our specialization such as ecology, renewable energy, electrical mobility, it is possible to buy shares in our company which are made specifically to gain direct funds for projects and high value investments.

The constant research of quality in materials, the technological attention to new regulations, frequent training courses for partners and associates, the attention for safety are all elements that create IOSARDI GROUP as a competitive and advanced company, carrying out all the working stages with organized documentation systems that follow quality guidelines ISO.

How we work

Design and construction

Design and creation of buildings with the intention of wellbeing, life quality and the satisfaction of people. Our purpose is to build a relationship with technical and financial assistance.We also want to accompany people to achieve the best solution according to their personal needs.

Business strategies

Apply organisational company strategies in order to always be able to offer the best value for money solutions.

Daily commitment

Daily effort to create our constructions to the most high-quality, always bearing in mind tradition aspects but still combining it with technical evolutionary materials and work systems.